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Retail investors are ruling
the stock market.

  • The number of individual investors in the market has increased by a whopping 142 lakh in FY21, with 122.5 lakh new accounts at cdsl and 19.7 lakh in NSDL

  • In Jan 2021, just in 1 month 17 lakhs new demat accounts were added!

    In 2017, almost 1.5% of the indian population was investing in the stock market & today it spiked to 3.7%

  • Data from india’s largest exchange, the nse, says that individual investors have slowly moved up from a 33% market share since 2016, to 45% in 2021.

  • 1.5%
    almost 1.5% of the Indian population
  • 3.7%
    Doubled in a few years
  • 47%
    almost 47% of the US population

We can
reach here.

MyTradeWall aims to encourage retail investors by providing them all the research and analytics data needed for taking a decision.

SEBI Report
  • Problems

  • Trading Loneliness

    stock market isn’t a game of herds. like a skilled surgeon has to deal with various complications in the operating room, a retail investor will have to face the consequences of their actions. mostly, traders don’t have anyone to share their journey with.

  • Steep
    Learning Curve

    traders look for platforms that provide quick insights with professional validation. the market is up-to-brim with complicated tools, thanks to the usage of jargon. often they are pretty hard to learn, which eventually scares away most retail investors.

  • Where Is My Financial Guru?

    input a few words and you’ll be flooded with information. be it in the form of reels, youtube videos, financial blogs, or a friend convincing you of the benefit of investing in xyz company. there is an expert at every corner, but the real question is- who do i trust?

Vision of

  • Crowdsource Researching & Analyzing Stocks

    Do Volatile Markets Pose Stock Picking As A Challenge? Want To Rapidly Search For The Best Stock That Ticks Off Several Boxes? Do You Want To Analyze And Socialize At A Click? If The Answers Are Yes To Any Of The Above, Then You’re At The Right Place.

  • Community Driven Platform

    Ask Any Trader Of Their Journey, And The One Thing They’d Pinpoint Is Loneliness. Investors, Traders, Companies, Experts Are Welcomed To Share What’s Moving The Market.

  • Narrowing Gap With Crowdsourced Data

    Inspired By Social Movements In The Past, We Decided To Create An Impact On The Trading Community. The Feature-Set Narrows The Information Gap Between Institutional And Individual Investors.

  • Newbies & Experienced Friendly

    Mostly, What Works For Experienced Players May Not Prove To Be Handy For Rookies. Now, Who Doesn’t Like Being Fancy? But, MTW Was Designed To Be Simple, Intuitive, And Devoid Of Extraneous Data So That You Can Focus On What Really Matters. Not Saying That Pros Won’t Enjoy Their Game, In Fact, They Will Do It Better!

  • Stay Informed

    In Trading Analytics Ombra

    Wanna Keep A Track Of The Market? I’ve An Integrated News Channel, Smart Alerts To Keep You Notified On Self-Curated Stocks, Tools For Charting, Scanning Stocks, And Analyzing Trading Patterns.

  • #AMA

    Ask Me AnyStockThing

    Teaching Is One Thing, And Practicing Is Another. Trade Alongside Professionals Who Share Techniques And Experiences. Get Your Queries Surveyed In The “Realm Of Trade Mates” Using The Crowdsourcing Research Technique.

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